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Privacy Policy of Artifacts Liqudators


We care about your privacy and we keep any personal information you share secure.

This policy covers user privacy, system security, and data collection practices. This Privacy Policy Statement applies only to the website for Artifacts Liquidators and our policy for storage and handling of information furnished by those who visit our website or contact us.

You are encouraged to also check the Privacy Policies of other web sites before providing any personal information.

Information presented on these pages, both text and images, are considered copyrighted original work and may not be distributed or copied without written consent of one of the representatives of Artifacts Liquidators, Inc.

Site Management Data

- Use of "cookies"...
Cookies are small text files used by some websites to customize the site's behavior based on a user's past preferences. This website does not store or access any cookies on your computer.

- Use of clear GIFs and other covert data-collection sneakiness...
This site does not contain any third-party advertising, hidden or otherwise, and will not collect any personal information from your web browser or any other software running on your computer.

- Storage and data security...
No personal information of any kind is stored within the Artifacts Liquidators website.

Email protocol and email address handling

- At the current time, the only information collected and stored by Artifacts Liquidators are email addresses voluntarily submitted through this site or through direct phone or email contact. This ability is provided as a service to those clients who wish to be informed of upcoming sales and the availability of leftover merchandise from past sales.
- We request that you do not furnish any other sensitive personal or financial information when contacting us via email, because email is not a secure form of communication.

- The database for the Artifacts Antiques mailing list is stored securely. Under no circumstances will we share or sell your email address to any other person or company.
- Email messages detailing our weekly sale information are sent with the "To" and "From" addresses set to our email account. Your address is added in the "Blind Carbon Copy" line. This technique hides your email address so that all the others who receive the same message cannot see your email address. It also hides your address from viruses, internet worms, adware, spyware, and other malicious software (that may be running on your computer or that of other recipients) that harvest email addresses from incoming messages.
Note - This "BCC" email sending technique may cause your email filtering software to detect our weekly emails as "spam" because the message is not directly addressed to you. In most cases, you can simply add our email address to your "Safe List", which configures the filtering software to allow our emails to pass through to your Inbox.

- On the email you receive, we provide an option to remove your email address from our mailing list. We respect your right to accept or decline the offer to receive our periodic email updates. If you choose to remove yourself from our mailing list, you are free to click that link and we will promptly remove your email address from our database.


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